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Distant Homes; or the Graham Family in New Zealand


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Chapter I.
First Announcement of the Parents’ Intention of Emigrating—The projected Voyage—Tom's Opinion—Lucy and Beatrice—Lucy's Cowardice 1
Chapter II.
The Departure—Tom visits the Diggings—Captain Hobson's Race with the Frenchman—Birds in New Zealand 10
Chapter III.
Arrival in Blind Bay—First Sight of Nelson—The Colonial Servant—Lucy disappointed 18
Chapter IV.
Foundation of Nelson—The Whalers—Wingless Birds—Description of New Zealand—The Reason of the War 23page iv
Chapter V.
A Sinking Ship—Leaving Nelson—A Volcano and Earthquake—Lucy's Alarm—Appearance of the Sea 28
Chapter VI.
Voyage to the Canterbury Settlement—Lucy's Mortification—Hot-water Lake of Rotamahana—Arrival at Lyttelton 36
Chapter VII.
Account of Tom's Overland Journey—Arrive at a Pah—First Impressions of the Natives—Native Swing 42
Chapter VIII.
Some of the Native Manners—Tabu and Eating—Working out the Tabu—Retaliation 50
Chapter IX.
A Walk in the Forest—Crossing a River—Advice from an Old Settler 55
Chapter X.
Arrival at Christchurch—The Backbone of New Zealand—Finding Lodgings—Tom's new Friend 61
Chapter XI.
Lucy and Beatrice become Teachers—Native Religion—The first Missionary—Letters from England 67page v
Chapter XII.
The Journey Home—Akaroa—Sleeping in the Open Air—Arrive at the Estate—Making a Bed—The Native Welcome. 76
Chapter XIII.
The First Days in the Cottage—The Bell-birds’ Morning Hymn—Lucy's Repentance—Unpacking—Tom makes a Garden—Aps's Gardening 85
Chapter XIV.
Christmas in New Zealand—Great Preparation—Making a Goose Pie—A Summer Christmas 95
Chapter XV.
Aps gets into the Boat—Nearly Drowned—Tom Faints 102
Chapter XVI.
Christmas Day—Arrival of the Clergyman—Walk after Breakfast—Who pulled the Child out of the Water—Church in the Bush—Another Accident—Dinner Time 109
Chapter XVII.
A Visit to Auckland—Another Journey—Races at Wellington—Taranaki—Cattle Show in Auckland 118
Chapter XVIII.
Additions to the Farm—Winter and Ice—An Unlucky Family—How the Floods Rise 125page vi
Chapter XIX.
A Visit from the Natives—An Alarming Proposal—Canoe Song—Maori Presents 134
Chapter XX.
The Natives build Houses—Arrival of the Chief—Tom is sent for—The Agent's Advice to Tom—Death of the Agent 142
Chapter XXI.
Tom leaves to become a Sailor—A melancholy Week—Biddy acts Comforter—A Stratagem 149
Chapter XXII.
Sad Thoughts by Moonlight—An alarming Visit—Insurrections among the Natives—Native Gratitude—The Rebel Chief—Captain Graham's Return 154
Chapter XXIII.
The New Church—The proposed Visit—The Kurmara or Sweet Potato—Cutting a Native's Hair—Wood-carving 161
Chapter XXIV.
A Native Feast—Games—Fairy Net—Native Dancing 168
Chapter XXV.
The Purchase of Roses—The Scotch Gardener—A long Walk—Who gained the Victory 177
Chapter XXVI.
The School Garden—Lucy learns to Paint—Aps's Savings—Patience 182page vii
Chapter XXVII.
Rumours of War—Captain Graham's Determination—His Speech to the Natives—The Hymn in the new Church 189
Chapter XXVIII.
The Last Chapter—A Letter from Tom—The Volunteer Corps—Conclusion 196
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