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Settler Kaponga 1881–1914 — A Frontier Fragment of the Western World


These short forms are used for easy reference to two major sources:
Star Hawera Star
‘Our Own’ A local resident recruited to provide a regular letter of local news. Standing alone, ‘Our Own’ refers to the Star's Kaponga ‘Our Own Correspondent’.
Eltham [Manaia, &c] ‘Our Own’ The Star's ‘Our Own Correspondent’ of the place named.
Star (12/7/96)
‘Our Own’ (1/3/06)
Dates thus bracketed refer to publication date. For any event &c dated in the text even these short forms of reference will be omitted—the source will be contemporary Star files, where it can easily be located.
Farmer New Zealand Farmer (Auckland, 1882-)
Other abbreviations:
DP Deferred payment (on land sold by the Crown).
‘Kaupokonui’ The bush settlements of the Kaupokonui Survey District Blocks in the 1880s (see p. 20 below). (Not today's locality of this name, east of Manaia.)