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Settler Kaponga 1881–1914 — A Frontier Fragment of the Western World


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I Primary Sources


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A Official Publications

Appendices to the Journals of the House of Representatives.

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New Zealand Census Returns.

New Zealand Parliamentary Debates, 1881–1919.

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Statistics of New Zealand, 1881–1914.

Statutes of New Zealand, 1881–1914.

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B Directories, etc

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Star Almanac.

Taranaki Almanac.

Wise's Post Office Directory.

C Newspapers

Auckland Weekly News.

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Hawera Star.

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Yeoman (Wanganui).

D Periodicals

New Zealand Farmer.

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New Zealand Schoolmaster.

E Books and pamphlets

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II Secondary Sources

F Books and pamphlets

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page 371

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page 372

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H Theses

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