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Settler Kaponga 1881–1914 — A Frontier Fragment of the Western World

Kaponga Settlers' Association (Formed 27 July 1899)

Kaponga Settlers' Association (Formed 27 July 1899)

The Kaponga Settlers' Association filled the need for a pressure group able to agitate on diverse needs. Its leaders were prominent in the settlement's various ad hoc groups (e.g. Domain Board, Victoria Park Trustees, Town Hall Committee, Library Committee). The association led the successful campaign for the Town Board, which replaced it and in due course absorbed the ad hoc groups.

Year President Executive
1899 F.W. Wilkie J. Robertson (Vice-Pres.), A.J. Hastie,
J.L. Harwood, G. Tindle, H. McLauchlan,
F. Gapper (Sec.)
1900 J. Robertson W. Swadling (Vice-Pres.), J. Mackie, C. Walker,
A.J. Herbert, J. Gibson, J.L. Harwood,
F. Cowern, J.H. Frethey, F. Gapper (Sec.)
1903 J. Robertson W. Swadling (Vice-Pres.), P. Larritt, E. Mills,
J. Gibson, F. Oliver (Sec.),
1903 J. Robertson W. Swadling (Vice-Pres.), F. Oliver (Sec.),
(others not reported)
1905 J. Robertson C.E. Betts (Vice-Pres.), F.M. Fowler (Sec.),
(others not reported)
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(The Association resolved to wind up at a meeting chaired by Dr Maclagan in September 1905. All papers were to be handed to P. Larritt, who was to destroy them after six months.)