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Settler Kaponga 1881–1914 — A Frontier Fragment of the Western World

Kaponga School

Kaponga School

The 1891 Star Almanac gives the Kaponga School Committee as L.J. Adams (chair), W. Ellerm, C. Bates, J. Mackie, C. Adamson, J. Frethey, W.A. McCutchan. This was probably the founding committee. The school opened on 22 June 1891. Committees were elected biannually in the April of odd-numbered years.

Committee Chair Committee Secretaries Head Teachers
L.J. Adams Charles MacLean
(to c.April 1891,
left the district)
E.J. Ellerm H.W. Davy
(1891-Dec 1893,
left the district)
F.S. Canning W. McCutchan
(1894–96) (?1894–95)
J. Mackie G.W. Calvert
(1896–97) (1895-?)
G. Hemingway
W. Greig D.A. Poole
(1898–1900) (?1896-?)
J. Robertson T. Childs Peter Matheson
(1900–06) (?1899-?) (1904–13)
J.H. Frethey J. Mackie
(1906–08) (?1901-?)
W. Swadling J.B. Bennie George Lyall
(1908-June 1912, death) (?1904–12-?) (1914–22)
G. Death (1913–14-?)
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A few sample committees through the years
Year Chair Secretary Members
1892 E.J. Ellerm H.W. Davy T.R. Exley, C. Bates, J. Mackie,
T Frethey, J.H. Frethey,
W.A. McCutchan
1895 F.S. Canning G.W. Calvert A.J. Hastie, E.R. Hastie,
M. Fitzgerald, J. McClure,
B. Bulmer
1899 W. Greig T. Childs R. Law, C. Bates, L. May,
J.H. Frethey, G. O'Sullivan
1904 J. Robertson J.B. Bennie Dr Noonan, Dr Maclagan,
J. King, F. Gapper, D. Anderson
1908 W. Swadling J.B. Bennie Dr Maclagan, G. Death,
S. Signal, A. Adlam, A. Grace
1912 W. Swadling J.B. Bennie C. Farley, E. Mills, S. Signal,
A. Adlam, A.E. King

(For other years see Elizabeth (‘Betty’) Arnold, Kaponga People 1881– c. 1920)