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New Zealand's Burning — The Settlers' World in the Mid 1880s

2 Stratford Fire Losses

2 Stratford Fire Losses

(1) Rural Losses, £30+
Name & Road House Shed(s) Fencing Log Fence Seed Grass Pasture Garden Orchard Crop Poultry Cows Diary &c Pig(s) Sty Cattle Horse Sheep Total Value
Belcher, Jas. Cardiff LF SG,P £50
Belcher, Joseph Waingongoro LA SG G H £40page 287
Brannigan, Jno Pembroke S,LF P P P £43
Burrell, Chas. Cardiff F SG,P £57
Gilshnan, Edwd Waingongoro S,F SG,P £33
Hall, Mary Pembroke F P S £45
Harre, Wm Pembroke S SG,P,Hay S C £60
Ireland, Wm Pembroke F,LF P C £36
Johnson, Wm Cardiff P £80
Jones, Joseph Pembroke S,F,LF P C,S harness £110
Kennedy, Thos Brookes F P C £77
Kenny, Mrs Pembroke H G £30
Keppel [Cardiff area] F,LF SG,P £96
Kirkpatrick,Jno Pembroke S,F C D C £45
Lehmann, A. Brookes H,LF SG C,D P £70+
McMillan Brookes Whare SG,P £40
Malone, Bros Opunake F P O,C C £130
Manson [Cardiff area] LF SG,P G £43
Marchant, G.A. Cardiff F P C £110+
Montgomerie, J. Monmouth SG,P C D £60
Moore, J. &. W. Pembroke H,F P C C,D P £240
Moore, Mat. Pembroke H P D S C £180
Penn Bros [Cardiff area] Whare F,LF P £49page 288
Pioch, Carl Opunake LF SG £40
Ralfe,Pilcher Waingongoro S,F SG,P G £70+
Richardson,J. Opunake SG,P G,O £54
Saunders,Clem. Waingongoro H,S SG,P G £93
Saville, Steph. [Cardiff area] Whare ***
Stanford, Richd Climie H,S,F SG,P C S £100
Walters, W. Waingongoro S,F SG,P C £96
Watkin, John Waingongoro S,F SG,P G £104+
Weir S,F P, Hay £35
Woodruffe, L. Pembroke H P D P H £130
Summary, F-6 SG-4 G-1 C-1 S-1 C-1 £196
losses under £30 (16 settlers) LF-3 P-5 C-4
(2) Township Losses
Name Occupation, Family &c House Shed(s) Fencing Log Fence Seed Grass Pasture Garden Orchard Crop Poultry Cows Dairy &c Pig(s) Sty &c Cattle Horse Sheep Total Value
Baird S,F C P,S 6 hives bees £15
Beavans (single) [Box of clothes]
Bicknell & 3 companions (cutting grass seed) [Their swags]
Boorman Platelayer, (married) H D £80page 289
Capper, Geo., Rd Contractor H,S C £60
Collins, Murty Labourer, (bachelor) F [clothes, bedding] Hay C £60
Cooley S,F SG,P C £70
Curtis Bros Storekeepers S £100
Hassell (wife, 3 chn) F P £5
Hayes S fowl-house S £15
Howell (labourer) [swag, saddle & bridle] H (borrowed) £13
Hunter (wife, 2 chn) H,F G £85
Jenkinson F, [house contents] saddle, bridle £20
McDevitt [house contents] £35
Mehaffy (hotelkeeper) S,F SG £180
Moloney H £30
Northcott H,F £100
Pitt (wife, 4 chn) H C
Sharrock (wife & ch) whare D £40
Smith, R. H,S P £70
Stanley, Robt (wife, 4 chn) H,S,F G £250
Taylor, F. H hay £84
Weir S,F P, hay £35