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Polynesia; A popular description of the physical features, inhabitants, natural history, and productions of the islands of the Pacific. With an account of their discovery, and the progress of civilisation and christianity amongst them.


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Introduction V
I. Physical and Geological Features of Polynesia: Volcanic, Crystalline, and Coral Islands; Atolls, Barrier Reefs, &c. 1
II. Active Volcanoes, Boiling Springs, and other Natural Phenomena 10
III. Vegetable Productions: Trees, Fruits, and Flowers 27
IV. Natural History: Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Fishes, Insects, Mollusks, &c. 53
V. New Zealand; the North Island 86
VI. New Zealand; the Middle Island 117
VII. The New Zealanders 142
VIII. Papua, or New G-uinea, and the Louisiade Archipelago 168
IX. The Sandwich Islands 187
X. The Archipelago of Viti, or Fiji 218
XI. The Tonga, or Friendly Islands; Niue, or Savage Island 238
XII. The Navigator's, or Samoa Islands 265
XIII. The Society Islands; and the Paumotu or Low Archipelago 280
XIV. The Heryey, or Cook's Islands, and the Austral Islands 309 page iv
XV. The Marquesas, oe MendaÑa Group 323
XVI. New Caledonia, the Isle of Pines, and the Loyalty Islands 333
XVII. The New Hebrides, and the Queen Charlotte Islands 348
XVIII. The Solomon Islands, New Britain, New Ireland, New Hanover, and the Admiralty Islands 361
XIX. The Caroline Archipelago, the Pelew Islands, the Marshall, and Gilbert Islands 376
XX. The Kingsmill Group, and other scattered Islands near the Equator 390
XXI. The Ladeones, oe Marian Islands; the Bonin Islands, and the Volcano Islands. 404
XXII. Easter Island; Pitcairn Island; and Norfolk Island 413
XXIII. History and Progress of Missionary Labours in Polynesia, in connection with the Church of England; and the Present State of the Church in the New Zealand Colonies 427