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Bush Fighting. Illustrated by remarkable actions and incidents of the Maori war in New Zealand.


Armourer-Sergeant Smiles, Grenadier Guards, stated to Lieut.-General the Hon. Sir James Lindsey, K.C.M.G., in presence of Colonel Bridges, G.G., and Mr. Prentice, that the mechanism of the Duval-MacNaughton rifle was so simple he could repair any piece in the field if it broke, which he said was not likely, as the different parts were so strong and simple that any village blacksmith can make or mend them.

The Canadian Government, having now a well-organised militia system, deem it advisable to manufacture their arms and ammunition in the country, instead of drawing supplies from England, which, in time of necessity, might be dangerous and impracticable; and with this view, not deeming the Martini a superior but an inferior weapon, several influential men in Canada have urged on the Government there the advisibility of making their own Canadian rifle—the Duval—-at Montreal, or elsewhere in the Dominion; and Mr. Prentice came to England and was engaged with the Colonial and War Offices in order to get practical trials made in camp at Aldershot, &c., to justify the Canadian Government in adopting the new arm.

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