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V. C. Browne

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An aerial photograph of Mounts Tongariro, Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu. Note the signs of past and present volcanic activity. V. C. Browne An aerial view of Mount Grey, Canterbury, with ridges of Tertiary limestone. V. C. Browne An aerial view of Otago Harbour and Peninsula. V. C. Browne An aerial view of the Canterbury Plains and Pegasus Bay. This infrared photograph has eliminated all haze, but has turned the sea to an unnaturally dark colour. The Kaikouras can be clearly seen in the distance. V. C. Browne An aerial view of the Kaikoura Mountains. V. C. Browne Lake Pukaki, one of the great glacier lakes of Canterbury. The ancient moraine in the foreground has dammed back the Tasman River. V. C. Browne Lyttelton Harbour, from the air. This harbour is the drowned crater of an old volcano. V. C. Browne Terraces cut by glaciers in the Rangitata Valley, Canterbury. V. C. Browne The cone of the extinct volcano, Mount Egmont, from the air. V. C. Browne


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