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Figure 134.—Mangaian painted paddle (Peabody Mus., Salem, Massachusetts, 53508). a, front: total length, 1,645 mm.; greatest blade width, 265 mm.; shaft (1) length, 978 mm.; rectangular in section, 58 mm. wide, 26 mm. thick, carved with K-motif in horizontal panels; upper part of blade (2) carved on raised part for 155 mm.; lower blade (3) painted with circles and smaller motifs in black. b, back: shaft (1) carved like front; upper blade (2) painted with tree-like motif, lower blade (3) with ci… Figure 175.—Rarotongan medium and wide serrated clubs. a, Unfinished club: unserrated blade (1) and shoulder enlargement (2) for ornament; has enlargement at butt end of shaft for butt flanges of point. b, medium width blade with single flanged serrations, showing widening space between serrated flanges in upper part of blade. c, wide blade with long thin point. d, wide blade with four small carved panels in middle line of blade; lower part of blade not shown in figure; no shoulder ornament, bu… Figure 176.—Rarotongan serrated clubs with one to three points. a, long narrow blade with single point and double flanges; four transverse notched bands (1) spaced along blade in space between innermost flanges; no shoulder ornament; blunt butt end (Peabody Mus., Salem E.4988). b, two-pointed blade with triple flanges on blade and double flanges on points; five notched bands (1); two double-eye ornaments (2) (Oldman coll., 443). c, three-pointed blade with triple flanges on blade, single flange…


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