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Anatol Karpik

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"Bush Midget Champs" 1947. — Back: (l-r) Anatol Karpik, Władysław Leszewicz, Mieczysław Markowski, Jan Kołodziński — Front: (l-r) Stanisław Brejnakowski, Ryszard Sierpińksi, Aleksander Tkaczyk (Goryl) A rugby team, 1948. — Back: (l-r) Andy Nola, Teodor Poszeluk, Ryszard Żołnowski, Kazimierz Krawczyk, Tadeusz Lepionka, Eugeniusz Zajkowski, Kazimierz Niedźwiecki, Bronisław Kasprzyk, Frank Muller — Front: (l-r) Bronisław Gmyterko, Anatol Karpik, Władysław Leszewicz, Michał Adamczyk, Stanisław Gratkowski, Marian Budny, Tadeusz Wiewiórka, Zdzisław Witkowski Poles under the posts, 1948. The boys took on rugby with a passion and became "the fear of the northern Wairarapa". The opposition team's management had to lend them rugby boots for the representative team's first game. — Standing: (l-r) Marian Kępka, Zdzisław Lorenc, Zdzisław Witkowski, Władysław Leszewicz, Anatol Karpik, Bronisław Lemów, Frank Muller, Stanisław Gratkowski, Marian Budny, Jan Niedźwiecki, Alfons Moroz, Bronisław Gmyterko (partly visible), Witold Powierza, Michał Sidoruk, Michał… The seven-a-side Bush Primary Cup, 1948. — Back: (l-r) Andy Nola, Teodor Poszeluk, Władysław Orawiec, Kazimierz Niedźwiecki, Frank Muller — Front: (l-r) Władysław Leszewicz, Michał Adamczyk, Zdzisław Witkowski, Anatol Karpik


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