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Szczęsny Zaleski

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Back: (l-r) Ewa Benasiewicz, Szczęsny Zaleski, Maria Dajnowska, Teodozja Woźniak, Stefania Jasionowicz, — Middle: (l-r) Janina Krystman, Maria Hajduk, Janina Świerczyńska, Janina Dajnowska — Front: (l-r) Wiktoria Dajnowska, Stefania Benasiewicz, Kazimiera Hajduk, Maria Woźniak, Halina Woźniak Camp Commandant Major Finny (left) with the Polish Delegate Szczęsny Zaleski (right) Poland's national day parade (3 May) at the camp led by Piotr Przychodźko. On the rostrum: Major Finny (2nd from left) Szczęsny Zaleski (3rd from left). Note the camp's siren on the building on the right Taking a salute on Poland's national day, 3 May, on the podium beneath the guard tower. Major Finny (in uniform), Stefania Kozera (next right) and Szczęsny Zaleski. The tower is a relic of the camp's original purpose as a detention centre for New Zealand's wartime "aliens" VIPs visiting the camp, February 1947. (l-r) Archbishop O'Shea, Polish Delegate Szczęsny Zaleski, Apostolic Delegate to Australia and New Zealand Archbishop Panico, Prime Minister Peter Fraser


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