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Hugh McKinnon

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1947. The New Zealand teaching staff at the Polish Children's Camp who gave the children their first formal introduction to the English language, not to mention the fair game of rugby. (l-r) Andy Nola, Alexander Henderson, Mary Sergent, Frank Muller, Joan Hay, Mary Eising, Hugh McKinnon Standing: (l-r) Genowefa Łukomska, Irena Szadkowska, Hugh McKinnon, Jadwiga Korszuń, Teresa Wypych, Paulina Dybka, (hidden), Władysława Kubiak, Maria Wysokińska, Wanda Wierzbińska, (hidden), Maria Buberda, Danuta Dębska, Paulina Jania, Maria Depczyńska, Teresa Szczepańksa, Czesława Wierzbińska — Kneeling: (l-r) Maria Juchnowicz, Augustyna Aniecka, Jadwiga Gil, Wanda Dejnakowska, Franciszka Węgrzyn, Maria Dac, Felicja Nadolska — Sitting: (l-r) Emilia Banaś, Aleksandra Kraczko, Izabela Wiśniewska…


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