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Zofia Bieniowska

Also known as: Zofia Rombel.

Boarders at St Dominic's College in Dunedin, 1947. The Polish girls are: — Back: (l-r) Helena Chwieduk (1st), Anna Manterys (5th), Romualda Sokalska (6th), Dioniza Gradzik (7th) Irena Ćwirko-Godycka (8th), Stefania Manterys (12 th) — Front: (l-r) Zofia Rombel (2nd), Krystyna Czoba (3rd) Sister Jadwiga celebrates 50 years as a Dominican Sister, surrounded by former Polish children refugees in the Polish House in Auckland. (Maiden names in italics) — (l-r) Jan Jarka, Stanisława Nowacka Piotrowska, Tadeusz Mazur, Jan Roy-Wojciechowski, Jadwiga Cooper Jarka (seated), Maria Jaśkiewicz Dac, Franciszek Kubiak, Maria Kolodzińska Nowotarska, Zofia Bieniowska Rombel, Sister Jadwiga, Janina Szczepańska Malczewska, Jadwiga Kolodzińska Nawrocka, Jan Pąk, Zofia Nowak Głogowska, Rozalia Zazu… The Rombel family, 3 May 1946. (l-r) Piotr, Zofia, Stefania, Maria, Helena


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