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Mary McAllister

Also known as: Mary Eising.

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1947. The New Zealand teaching staff at the Polish Children's Camp who gave the children their first formal introduction to the English language, not to mention the fair game of rugby. (l-r) Andy Nola, Alexander Henderson, Mary Sergent, Frank Muller, Joan Hay, Mary Eising, Hugh McKinnon Some of the New Zealand personnel, 1947. — Back: (l-r) Mary Sergent, Eddie O'Keefe, Frank Muller, Joan Hay, Marion Parker — Front: (l-r) Andy Nola, Mary Eising, Bill McPartland Standing: (l-r) Maria Korczak-Bucewicz, Irena Iwan, Czesława Mokrzycka, Genowefa Knap, Olga Piesocka, Helena Świerdłowicz, Janina Śmietana, Eleonora Pruszyńska, Magdalena Kowalczyk, Renata Kazimierzak, Krystyna Gołębiowska, Jadwiga Walasiewicz, Irena Staniszewska, Mary Eising — Kneeling: (l-r) Irena Tabisz, Irena Źołnowska, Zyta Bąk, Danuta Ziolo — Sitting: (l-r) Anna Przychodźko, Teresa Ogonowska, Maria Woźniak, Eugenia Pracz, Stefania Serdyńska, Władysława Pilarska, Genowefa Apanowicz, Helena… The Polish Children's Camp's female New Zealand teaching staff, 1947. They were pioneers in teaching foreign children. (l-r) Mary Sergent, Mary McAllister (Eising) and Joan Hay


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