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Antoni Rybiński

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A group of friends from the Polish Boys' Hostel in Hawera. (l-r) Bronisław Gmyterko, Kazimierz Krawczyk, Antoni Rybiński A reason to smile – a proud Antoni Rybiński with his school sporting trophies One of the last groups of boys (back row) to leave the Polish Children's Camp briefly attended Mangatainoka School before being transferred to Linton Military Camp. — Back: (l-r) Waldemar Dejnakowski, Henryk Apanowicz, Józef Jagiełło, Marian Sadowski, Tadeusz Rozwadowski, Franciszek Barański, Antoni Rybiński, Zbigniew Dziki, Jan Niedźwiecki, Bronisław Gmyterko, Bogdan Bocian, Jan Makuch, Antoni Sarniak, Krzysztof Dziegieć, Ludwik Głogowski, Wojciech Michalik The youngest Polish children from the camp temporarily attended Marist Primary School, Palmerston North, and lived in the Linton Military Camp before relocating to the Hawera Polish Boys' Hostel for the final term of the school year, 1949. — Back: (l-r) Marian Sadowski, Krzysztof Dziegieć, Józef Jagiełło, Ludwik Głogowski, Kazimierz Krawczyk, Zdzisław Lepionka, Zdzisław Iwan, Bogusław Turski, Antoni Sarniak, Leon Zyzało, Tadeusz Rozwadowski — Middle: (l-r) Jan Makuch, Franciszek Barański, Kazim…


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