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Józef Zawada

At a dance in St Francis Hall, Hill Street, Wellington, early 1950s. — Back: (l-r) Stanisław Skwarko, Józef Zawada, Ryszard Sierpiński, Andrzej Szymanik — Front: (l-r) Jan Wojciechowski, Jan Kołodziński, Roman Kraj, Jan Niedźwiecki At the entrance to Block C, bedrooms C1 and C2, during the Christmas holidays at the camp, 1948-49. — (l-r) Jan Kania, Michał Zagwojski, Bolesław Żygadło, Józef Zawada, Jan Dawiec Christmas 1950 on the steps of the Polish Boys' Hostel, Island Bay, Wellington, during a visit by the Polish priest. Some of the boys arrived from New Zealand schools to spend their holidays at the hostel. Back (l-r): Józef Kubiak, Stanisław Kilian, Józef Zawada, Stanisław Ośeciłowski, Jan Kołodziński, Alfred Sapiński, Julian Nowak 2nd back (l-r): Eugeniusz Szadkowski, Stanisław Wójcik, Jerzy Białostocki (above, boys' supervisor at the Polish Children's Camp in Pahiatua), Father Broel-Plater, E… Józef Zawada takes a lunch break at high noon during a hard day's work in Pio Pio June 1999. Stefania (left) and Józef Zawada (right) stand outside the Polish Children's Camp's old gymnasium building, which is now in Naenae College, Lower Hutt. The college was built in the 1950s when the camp's buildings were being sold or relocated May 1997. Inside the kitchen at Kopua Monastery, Hawke's Bay, which was once one of the buildings at the camp. — (l-r) Stefania Zawada, Józef Zawada, a Kopua Monastery monk, Mieczysław Zawada Reunion Committee of the 60th Anniversity of the Arrival of Polish Children in New Zealand. — Standing (l-r) Stanisław Manterys, Józef Zawada, Tadeusz Reder, Halina Manterys, Michał Zagwojski, Mieczysław Lis, Jan Roy-Wojciechowski — Sitting (l-r) Janina Iwanica, Dioniza Choroś (Chairperson), Stefania Zawada, Stefania Sondej. (Absent: Father Bernard Bednarz, Emilia Jensen, Adam Manterys) Standard 6A, 1947. — (l-r) Zbigniew Kaczmarek, Kazimierz Markowski, Rudolf Szymczycha, Czesław Bełczęcki, Tadeusz Burak, Józef Zawada, Stanisław Manterys, Mieczysław Głowacki, Stanisław Brejnakowski, Ryszard Nowacki, Bronisław Bręczek, Mieczysław Markowski (standing), Marian Adamski, Stanisław Kilian, Jerzy Wierzbicki (front), Witold Dziegieć, Ryszard Sierpiński, Józef Wnęk (back), Józef Plewięski, Jan Rogowski, Zdzisław Gawronek, Piotr Przychodźko, Michał Zagwojski, Jan Kołodziński, Aleksander… The official front row at the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Polish refugee children's arrival in New Zealand applauds one of the many Polish cultural performances of the day in the Pahiatua Sports Stadium, 23 October 1994. — (l-r) Stefania Zawada (Sondej), Prime Minister Jim Bolger, Governor-General Dame Catherine Tizard, Józef Zawada, Joan Bolger, Polish Ambassador to Australia Dr Agnieszka Morawińska The Pahiatua Polish Jubilee Committee on the porch of the Pahiatua Museum, 17 September 1994. The museum features many photos of the Polish community and the scale model of the camp. — Standing: (l-r) Józef Zawada, Helena Wypych (Chwieduk), Dorothy Ropiha, Elaine Perry, Marge Bentley, Jean Eddie, Don Selby, Alistair MacDougall, John Burns — Sitting: (l-r) Eugeniusz Szadkowski, Piotr Przychodźko


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