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the Hudson At Port Chalmers The Hudson was a 700 ton barque built in 1869 for the Shaw Savill Line. She made 13 voyages to New Zealand, the fastest being to Napier, in 84 days, in 1875. On this occasion she landed, besides 204 immigrants, a valuable cargo for the Hawkes Bay Acclimatisation Society, being a store of British birds, including 60 robins, 110 goldfinches and chaffinches, 44 partridges and 137 larks


For several reasons, including lack of resource and inherent ambiguity, not all names in the NZETC are marked-up. This means that finding all references to a topic often involves searching. Search for Hudson as: "Hudson". Additional references are often found by searching for just the main name of the topic (the surname in the case of people).

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