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Elsie Mary Beaglehole

Also known as: Elsie Mary Holmes.

Elsie, 1929 Elsie and John are met at Government House, Wellington, by Captain J.N.McT. Thomson-Moore, for the conferment of the Order of Merit, 21 March 1970. Photograph by Evening Post Elsie and John at Kealakekua Bay, 1962 Elsie in New York, 1962 Elsie with Robin and Tim, October 1936 John and Elsie (left) with Airini Fisher, Muriel Billing, Geoffrey Billing and Alan Fisher, 1930 John and Elsie in Dunedin, 1930 John and Elsie on their wedding day, 17 February 1930 John and Elsie with Ester and Helmut Einhorn, 1962 Tramping at Mount Matthews, 1924. John(sixth from left), Averil Lysaght (eighth), Elsie(ninth), Boyd Wilson (boiling the billy) Wedding group. Back row: Charlie Holmes, Ern Beaglehole, Elsie, Robert Holmes, Mary Holmes, Peter Holmes, Edith Holmes, Peter's wife Norah, John. Front row: Keith Beaglehole, Marjorie Wiren, Charlie's wife Norah


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