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John Plimmer
28 June 1812


Children: John A. Plimmer

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Fig. 150.—Mr. John Plimmer's Residence, Plimmer's Steps. (Site of old Dominion Buildings and proposed Hotel Metropole). Showing the Dove and the reference to the Ark. The wooden dove now reposes on Mr. J. A. Plimmer's conservatory, Khandallah Fig. 68.—The same site in 1927, showing the Old Identities (Albert) Hotel. Each upper window frame is adorned by a figure of an old identity. The figure on the skyline to the left is that of Edward Gibbon Wakefield. This building (to be demolished in 1929) was erected and dedicated to the old identities by Mr. John Plimmer, in 1879. Part of the old Union Bank (shown in another picture) is embodied in the structure. St. Mary's Cathedral, designed by Mr. F. de J. Clere, stands on the site of the … Mr. John Plimmer Mr. John Plimmer


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