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William Sefton Moorhouse
18251 September 1881

Barrister and Solicitor. Second Superintendent of the Canterbury Province, 1853-68.

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Fig. 127.—The Gun on Mt. Victoria. This gun was hauled up by the A.C. Force and Volunteers in the seventies. Major W. S. Moorhouse states that all hands would haul it up a certain distance and anchor it for the night, and the same performance was carried out until the gun was placed in the position it now occupies (1929). The Basin Reserve is in a line (a few hundred feet below) with the cannon's mouth. The Wellington College is on the left of it Fig. 249.—House of Representatives, 1860. Top Row—Government House, Auckland. First Row (from the top (left)—Dr. Featherston and William Fox. Second Row—W. Fitzherbert, C. R. Carter, E. Stafford, C. W. Richmond, A. Renall, W. B. Rhodes. Third Row—J. Williamson, A. de B. Brandon, T. Henderson, Chas. Clifford (Speaker), J. Logan Campbell, T. S. Forsaith and H. Carleton. Fourth Row—T. H. Fitzgerald, J. Farmer, F. D. Bell, A. Domett, W. C. Dalby, Archibald Clark. Fifth Row—D. Monro, C. H. Brown, W.… Mr. W. S. Moorhouse Mr. W. S. Moorhouse


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