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George Bennett


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Figure 141.—Netting needles and gauges. a, Tahitian netting needle collected by G. Bennet before 1829 (British Mus., 7052): length, 417 mm.; middle width, 40 mm.; length of opening (1, 2), 44 and 52 mm.; length of slits (3, 4), 40 and 31 mm.; thickness of side edges, 26 mm.; middle thin portion (5) around which cord is folded, 5 mm. thick. Made of light wood. b, Mangaian stick needle (Bishop Mus., C2807): length, 235 mm.; middle thickness. 6 mm.; length of cord loops (1), 500 mm.; clove-hitch a… Figure 4.—Cook Islands wooden bowls. Small beaker bowl without legs, (a, b) Mangaia (Cambridge University Mus., Z.6077), from G. Bennet, July 1824: a, rim opening, length 10 inches, greatest width 7 inches, showing pointed end (1) and base (2) with upward projecting knob (3); outer rim edge rounded off and inner edge inverted and sharp, making greatest diameter a little below upper rim; b, side view, height 3 inches. Medium-sized beaker bowl with legs, (c-e) Aitutaki (Bishop Mus., C8920): c, ri…

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