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Lieutenant-Colonel Haddon Vivian Donald
20 March 1917

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Black and white photograph of Haddon Donald in army uniform discussing strategy with the German colonel (facing). From left, Pete Mitchell (IO 22nd), Yugoslav officer, Italian interpreter, HVD (CO 22nd), Terry McLean (Adj. 22nd), Hugh Robinson (CO 20th Armoured) from left, HVD, Barney Clapham, Snow Leeks, Peter Hockley; Graeme and me in London Helped by an Italian interpreter, with a Yugoslav officer looking on, I examine a map of Trieste during the ‘stand-off’ Lieutenant H V Donald receives the Military Cross from General Freyberg at a Divisional parade near Maadi Camp Lt-Col H. V. Donald On our way to visit 1 GHQ, October 1944 — from left, Terry McLean, Bert Watts, HVD, Mick Sheehan, my driver Original members of 14 Platoon at the 2001 Napier Reunion; from left: Allan Foster, H V D, Len Earnshaw, Fred Ulyatt, Tui Nesbitt, Eric Whale Original officers of 22 Battalion Our family, photographed at our Taupo home in 1997 on the occasion of our 50th wedding anniversary. — From left, standing: Tom Donald, Anne Donald, Toby Donald, Sam Donald, Jason Williams, Manu Donald, Nichola Shanley, Kevin Wilson, Rhys Donald. — In front: Zachary Donald, Andrew Donald, Fiona Donald, Haddon and Ana Donald, Rhodes Donald, Robyn Williams, Tarn Donald. — Kneeling: Matthew Donald, Potiki Te Rangiita, Ana-Marie Te Rangiita, Ben Wilson. — Inset: Geoffrey Williams, Jennifer Bell Outside the 22nd Battalion's Officers' Mess — from left, Captain Haddon Donald MC, 2nd Lieut. Keith Elliott VC, Lieut. Jim Frazer Self and ‘Rusty’ Carson at Viserba, October 1944 Self at the entrance to ‘The Crypt’, famous as HQ in the battle and now preserved as an historic place by the Italian government Staff of 22nd Battalion at Trieste HQ, May 1945; from left, standing — Major K R Archer (doctor), Capt. T P McLean (Adj.), Rev. D V de Candole (Padre), 2nd/ Lt. Pete Mitchell; seated — Lt/Col H V Donald (CO), Maj. C N Armstrong (2 i/c) The original officers of 22nd Battalion in 1939. — Back row, from left: 2 Lt T G N Carter, 2 Lt L Leeks, Lt R B Fell, 2 Lt B V Davison, 2 Lt F G Oldham, Lt E J McAra, Lt L B Clapham, Lt G G Beaven. Third Row: Lt G C D Laurence, Lt D F Anderson, 2 Lt C N Armstrong, 2 Lt J L MacDuff, 2 Lt P R Hockley, Lt S H Johnson, 2 Lt C I C Scollay, Lt W G Lovie, Lt H R Harris. Second Row: Lt W G Slade, 2 Lt H V Donald, Lt W M Manchester, Capt J Moore, Lt E H Simpson, Lt M G Wadey, Lt W W Mason, Lt T Thornton… The President of the Trieste Council and me in May 2005 during the formal reception for 105 veterans of the Italian Campaign. We are looking at the book ‘Trieste Diary’ written by Sylvia Sprigge, which tells the story of the fall of Trieste in 1945. As well as the reception, there was a cocktail party where we met British, Italians and Americans resident in Trieste, and a celebratory dinner “Cpl. Bill Bourke and self in a gharry at Ismalia.” “Self at Maadi baths, Cairo.”


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