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John Dobrée Pascoe
26 September 190820 October 1972

Mountaineer, photographer, writer, editor, historian, archivist.

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Architects: Pascoe & Hall, Christchurch. — Owners: Mr. and Mrs. John Pascoe, and family of three. — Builder: Mr. G. H. Aitken, Eastbourne Janet Wilkinson, 1944 John Pascoe, Oliver Duff and Eric McCormick watch the first number of Making New Zealand roll of the printing press. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, NZ, Eric McCormick Collection, PAColl-5030-2-018 Joseph Heenan, about 1950 The argument is unanswerable. Photo: John Pascoe The results of glacial action are evident in this photograph of the head of the Perth Valley, Westland. Note that the glaciers have retreated, leaving a short level valley Uttered with rock debris (moraine), and that the cliffs on the right have been carved by the force of the ice. J. D. Pascoe This photograph from Mount Oakden, near Lake Coleridge, shows the Rakaia, Mathias, and Wilberforce Valleys. The floors of the main valleys form valley-plains of shingle and sand, over which the streams wander in the 'braided' channels so characteristic of many South Island rivers. J. D. Pascoe


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