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Gottfried Lindauer


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From an oil-painting by G. Lindauer, in the Municipal Art Gallery, Auckland] — Topine te Mamaku From a painting by G. Lindauer, in Auckland Municipal Art Gallery] — Wahanui Huatare From a portrait by G. Lindauer, in the Auckland Municipal Gallery] — Tawhiao, the Waikato King (Died 1894) Tawhaio, a Maori chief. G. Lindauer painted this picture, which is in the possession of the Alexander Museum at Wanganui. It gives a good idea of the dignity of the Maori chief. Note the huia feathers in his hair, his greenstone ear pendant, and his whalebone club The Tapu Quarantine. — This picture illustrates a Maori custom of the past, the restrictive law of tapu. The old man is a tohunga who has been in contact with the dead, and must not touch food with his hands or feed himself, for a certain period. He is therefore fed by the little girl, who is giving him a potato on the end of a fern-stalk. — [From a painting by G. Lindauer, Auckland Gallery


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