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Charles Heaphy
18203 August 1881

Draughtsman, artist, surveyor, explorer, soldier, public servant.

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A pencil sketch of Te Rauparaha by Charles Heaphy in the forties, a much better representation of a typical Maori head than the other two on this page Charles Heaphy — 136 Kauri Forest Fig. 266.—Major Charles Heaphy, draughtsman and Artist to the N.Z. Company. First winner of the N.Z. Victoria Cross Fig. 35—Part of Lambton Harbour, comprising about one-third of the water frontage of the Town of Wellington. Drawn April, 1841, by Charles Heaphy, draughtsman to the N.Z. Coy. This view is from above Clay Point (Stewart Dawson's corner.) From a drawing by Charles Heaphy, about 1840] — Te Rangihaeata — (“The Dawn of Day.”) From a sketch by Major C. Heaphy, V.C.] — The Repulse of the Royal Navy Storming-party, Rangiriri Pa. (20th November, 1863) Hanna, photo. Mr. C. Heaphy In 1842 Charles Heaphy sketched this provision house at Otumatua Pa, Cape Egmont. The house is on piles to keep out rats, and because the Maori appreciated the value of foods, it is heavily ornamented with carving. Piles of kumara baskets are seen to the right. A notched pole gives access to the stored foods Part of the painting "Preliminary Expedition at Astrolabe Roadstead 1841" by Charles Heaphy, showing a Deal boat. (Belt Collection, Nelson Provincial Museum.) The building in the centre foreground is Wellington's first library, established in 1841 as the 'Port Nicholson Exchange and General Library', and run on a subscription basis with Dr F.J. Knox as librarian. Settler publican Dicky Barrett sold the building which had been his first house (and possibly grog-shop) on the corner of what is now Molesworth Street and Lambton Quay to the library Committee for £30. The library did not prosper and was wound up in April 1842, with the collection handed ov… The left-hand picture is by Charles Heaphy showing sawyers at work in a kauri forest near Kaipara


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