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Lieutenant Colonel Walter Edward Gudgeon

Farmer, soldier, historian, land court judge, colonial administrator.

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Figure 60.—Ivory and wooden breast ornaments (Atiu): a-c, ivory ornament (Cambridge University Mus., Z.6097); d-e, wooden ornament (after Gudgeon). a, front; total height, 53 mm.; greatest width, 67 mm.; greatest thickness, 43 mm.; shows two balls (1, 1), and suspensory lug (2) with outer lip. b, from above: shows suspensory lug (2, 2) divided into two flanges by notch from side to side, with upper surface of flanges notched in transverse lines and inner lower part serrated; with central rectan… Figure 70.—Tattoo motifs from Aitutaki (a-e, recorded by Te Rangi Hiroa; f-i, recorded by Gudgeon). a, papavaro: continuous chevrons on abdomen and front of thighs, sometimes back. b, parepare: on shoulder, chest, and wrist, c, ruru: on wrists and forearms, d, manuta'i: vertical lines running down spine and oblique pairs running upward to mid-axillary line. e, tatatao: face pattern consisting of three series of three curved lines; first series above each eyebrow resembling Maori tiwhana motif, …


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