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Peter Fraser

Labourer, trade unionist, journalist, politician, prime minister.

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A statue of New Zealand's wartime Prime Minister Peter Fraser who was instrumental in bringing the Polish children to New Zealand. It stands outside the former Government Buildings in Wellington, the largest wooden building in the Southern Hemisphere Children in national costume get ready for the arrival of Prime Minister Peter Fraser. "Witamy" means "welcome" Official inauguration of the Country Library Service, May 1938. G.T. Alley is in the front row between Peter Fraser and Prime Minister Savage. Alexander Turnbull Library, F-135959-1/2 Opening of the Whare Runanga by the Hon. Peter Fraser on December 1946. The author is on the right, and Mr. F. T. Tirikatene, M.P., on left Peter Fraser Peter Fraser, Minister of Education when the Country Library Service was established. S.P. Andrew Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library, F-20106-1/4, PAColl-3739 Peter Fraser, Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1940 to 1949. He believed that the loss of children Poland suffered was New Zealand's gain. He wrote: "With myself, the interests of the children have been the paramount and decisive consideration" Peter Fraser with New Zealand servicemen in England The whole camp welcomes Prime Minister Peter Fraser The youngest children form a guard of honour as Prime Minister Peter Fraser makes an inspection tour of the camp. He considered the children's wellbeing his personal responsibility VIPs visiting the camp, February 1947. (l-r) Archbishop O'Shea, Polish Delegate Szczęsny Zaleski, Apostolic Delegate to Australia and New Zealand Archbishop Panico, Prime Minister Peter Fraser


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