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Captain James Cook

Naval officer, cartographer, navigator, explorer.


Spouses: Elizabeth Cook

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1. Captain James Cook, by Nathaniel Dance, 1776 38. 'Chart of part of the Nw Coast of America. Explored by Capt. J. Cook in 1778' By Cook. Showing the track and discoveries of the Resolution and Discovery, 7 March-3 October 1778 A Maori war canoe, drawn by Captain Cook's artist. This shows again the beautiful carvings with which the Maori ornaments his canoes. Leaders standing in the canoe chant the rhythms for the paddlers to follow Captain Cook takes to verse Cook's watering place, Cook's Cove, Tolaga Bay. — By D'Urville's artist on L'Astrolabe, 1827 Engraving of Captain James Cook Fig. 1.—From an original drawing for Captain Cook's Voyages. — (British Museum, Additional Manuscripts Room.) Fig. 17.—Body-tattooing. — From original rawing for Captain Cook's “Voyages” in the British Museum. Additional Manuscripts Room.) Hawaiian Canoes going out to meet Captain James Cook, 1777 James Cook Locale of incidents during Captain Cook's visit to Poverty Bay, 1769. — W. L. Williams, Trans. N.Z. Institute, Vol. XXI Page from Captain Cook's Diary, showing alteration from “Endeavour Bay” to “Poverty Bay.” — By courtesy of Mitchell Library, Sydney Sketch Maps Showing Captain Cook's First and Second Voyages in New Zealand Waters — (On the third voyage he visited Queen Charlotte Sound only.) The 'Head of a New Zealander' as recorded by the artist of Captain Cook's first expedition. Ear pendants, neck ornament, and large comb together with knotted hair complete the decoration of the tattooed face This engraving from the published account of Captain Cook's first voyage shows the intricate art lavished on Maori weapons and implements. The shell trumpet (right) was used to call the people together for announcements and meetings This view of an arched rock is described in Hawkesworth's account of Captain Cook's first voyage. The Maori is carrying a long bird-spear W. Hodges, Captain Cook's artist on his second voyage, shows a 'Family in Dusky Bay' William Hodges, artist of Captain Cook's second voyage, drew this flax plant in 1777. Flax (Phormium tenax) was a valuable plant to Maori men and women, being used in a variety of ways for clothing and ropes


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