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Jean Gardner Batten


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Acknowledging the welcome on arrival at Sydney — Photo "The Sun," Sydney A film interview before leaving for New Zealand — Photo Keystone A Maori greeting — Photo C. Troughton Clark, Rotorua, N.Z Arrival at Stockholm — Photo Wide World Photos AT RAMBANG WITH THE DUTCH ADMINISTRATOR, M. BARKER, AND HIS PARTY — [See p. 272] At Stag Lane Aerodrome — Photo Barratt's Photo Press Ltd At the Royal Aero Club reception — Left to right: The Marquess of Londonderry, Commander Perrin, Lord Gorell, Mr Lindsay Everard. — Photo Keystone At the Sorbonne with (left to right) MM. Bréguet, Blériot, Louis Paulhan, Détroyat, and Fonck — [See p. 198] Being greeted by Colonel Tempesti at Rome — Photo Agenzia Fotografica Italiana, Rome — [See p. 35] Being televised at the B.B.C. studios, Alexandra Palace — B.B.C. copyright photograph Being welcomed to Uruguay by the President's daughter — Left to right: Senorita Olga Terra, Lady Effie, Mr H. Grindley, Mr Millington-Drake, and Colonel Cristi Magnetic anthills near Darwin My arrival at Buenos Aires — Associated Press Photo Receiving the Cross of the Legion of Honour from Lieutenant-Colonel Wateau — Others present: Left to right— Mlle Deutsch de la Meurthe, the Marquise de Noailles, and Group-Captain Field. Photo Keystone Supervising the engine work at Calcutta — Photo Keystone Taking off for England — Photo Topical Press — [See p. 95] Tea at the Mansion House with the Lord Mayor and Lady Twyford and Viscount Wakefield — Photo Wide World Photos The President of Brazil, Dr Vargas, confers upon me the Order of the Southern Cross The welcome at Croydon — Photo Keystone Trout-fishing at Lake Wakatipu — Welcomed home on the conclusion of my England-New Zealand flight October 16, 1936 — Photo "Auckland Star" With "Jean Batten" at Madame Tussaud's — Photo Keystone With my Mother and officers of the Spanish Air Force at Seville With the Gull at Hatfield Aerodrome — Photo Keystone


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