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Bernard Cracroft Aston

Agricultural chemist, botanist.

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Fig. 1: The Auckland Island party. Back row (l. to r.): S. Page, A. M. Finlayson, G. Collyns, W. B. North. Middle row (l. to r.): G. V. Hudson, A. A. Dorrien-Smith, H. D. Cook, B. C. Aston, J. S. Tennant, R. Speight. Seated (l. to r.): E. R. Waite, L. Cockayne, W. B. Benham, C. C. Farr. Delayed photograph by S. Page Fig. 2: On Mt Dundas, Tararuas, January 1911. Photograph by H. Girdlestone. Left: W. H. Field; centre: H. Hamilton (with cap); right: B. C. Aston, with two unnamed survey assistants. (National Museum Collection) Fig. 4: Approximate routes taken by B. C. Aston and his companions: 1, Anjou Point; 2, Camp Cove; 3, Circular Head; 4, Fairchilds Garden; 5, Figure of Eight Island; 6, Magnetic Bay; 7, Masked Island; 8, McClure Head; 9, Mount Raynal (Flat-topped Mountain); 10, Musgrave Peninsula; 11, Norman Inlet; 12, North Arm, Carnley Harbour; 13, Skua Gull Flat. Drawn by Robyn Conway


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