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Geoffrey Thomas Alley
4 February 190325 September 1986

Farmer, rugby player, adult educator, librarian and library administrator.

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A fascinating folly: the first architectural concept for a National Library building, in Hill Street, displayed by government architect F.G.F. Sheppard to Sir John Ilott and G.T. Alley. — Alexander Turnbull Library, PAColl-2893-1 Committee of Officers, National Library of New Zealand, 1967. This was taken for the record shortly before Alley's retirement. Front: P.E. Richardson, G.T. Alley. Back: J.O. Wilson, H. Macaskill, A.G. Bagnall, T.B. O'Neill. National Library Extension Service Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library, PAColl-0522-1-15 Committee of Officers, National Library of New Zealand, after the implementation of the act in April 1966. J.O. Wilson, A.G. Bagnall, P.E. Richardson, G.T. Alley, H. Macaskill, T.B. O'Neill. Alexander Turnbull Library, PAColl-0522-1-1/4 Country Library Service staff in 1940. H.J. Lorimer, G.T. Alley, W.A. Lindsay, J.W. Rawson, J.S. Wright, and J. Lawrence. In front: R. Fogo and N. Barker. Alexander Turnbull Library, B-K 711-7 Euphan and Geoffrey Alley in the early 1960s. Alley family G.T. Alley, All Black 1926 and 1928. — Alley family Geoffrey Alley cuts the cake at a social function at the National Library. Paul E. Richardson Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library, F-83273-35mm-17 Geoffrey T. Alley, Director, National Library Service. — Alexander Turnbull Library, F-30006-1/2, A5583 Geoffrey T. Alley, Officer in Charge — and Director Country Library Service 1937-1945, — Director National Library Service 1945-1964, — National Librarian 1964-1967 Geoffrey T. Alley, South Island rugby rep 1926 and 1927. Alley family Official inauguration of the Country Library Service, May 1938. G.T. Alley is in the front row between Peter Fraser and Prime Minister Savage. Alexander Turnbull Library, F-135959-1/2 The WEA Library car with Professor J. Shelley, G.T. Alley, G. Worthington, and Joan Osborne, Christchurch, March 1930. The Press, 24 March 1930. — Hocken Library


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