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Solomon Islands

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CHRISTMAS, 1943, in the SolomonsVella LavellaThe Revs. D. L. Francis, G. R. Thompson, and A. H. Voyce tookthis service First Commando Fiji guerillas in the Solomons Major D. G. Kennedy (left), a New Zealander, whose work in the Solomons was outstanding. The photograph was taken at Segi RNZN RADAR OPERATORS' QUARTERS, built by natives for the camp, Savo, Solomons The heavily woode island of Vella Lavella, scene of 3 division's first action in the Solomons. Flat-bottomed landing craft carried units of 14 Brigade from bay to bay round the coast The Kiwi Club, Bourail Beach, opened by the National Patriotic Fund Board as a rest centre for men of the 3rd division after they had returned from the Solomons This Map shows 3 NZ Division's long lines of communication in the Solomons and the dates on which units of the Division landed on Guadalcanal, Vella Lavella, Mono and Nissan “A woman is never independent from the time she is single and through marriage.” (Solomon Islands)


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