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Te Pehi Kupe

Also known as: Te Pehi.

Ngati Toa leader, warrior.

Mentioned in

'Portrait of Tupai Cupa [i.e. Te Pehi Kupa]', and Tattooing on the face of Tupai Cupa, from a drawing by himself, — John Lillie Craik, The New Zealanders (London: Charles Knight, 1830), pp.331 and 332. McLaren Collection, University of Melbourne A black and white image of a moko map drawn by Te Pehi Kupe of his facial moko Fig. 10.—Tattooing on the face of Te Pehi Kupe, drawn by himself Fig. 114.—Portrait of Te Pehi Kupe. — (From a sketch by Mr. J. Sylvester, of Liverpool.) Te Pehi Kupe: self portrait (left) and portrait by Mr J. Sylvester of Liverpool (right). Te Pehi Kupe visited England in 1826. — Reproduced from “Moko; or Maori Tattooing” figs 10 and 114


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