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The Honorable William Barnard Rhodes
at or before 9 May 180711 February 1878

Pastoralist, merchant, investor, community leader, politician


Siblings: Robert Heaton Rhodes, George Rhodes

Fig. 132.—The junction of Mulgrave Street and Lambton Quay, 1866 (approx.). Warcup's Corner is on the left. The Thistle Inn (Brown's) and Hornbrook's store in the centre of the picture. St. Paul's Church is on the right. The “Grange,” then occupied by Mr. W. B. Rhodes, and later by Sir Harold Beauchamp, may be seen on the Wadestown Hills, to the left of St. Paul's Fig. 79.—Winder's Corner (now James Smith), 1904, corner of Cuba and Manners Streets, near the locality of a former residence of Mr. W. B. Rhodes. The Grand Opera House is on the extreme right Hon. W. B. Rhodes The Hon. William Barnard Rhodes “The Grange,” Wadestown Road—residence of the late Hon. W. B. Rhodes


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