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Robert Donald Douglas Maclean

Also known as: Robert Donald Douglas McLean; Robert Donald Douglas McLean.

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Fig. 147.—The approximate Spot where the Settlers landed on Pito-one Beach in 1840. The locality is at the beach end of Buick Street. The group, photographed in 1927, comprise, left to right:— Mr. Elsdon Best, Mr. E. G. Pilcher (Vice-President of the Early Settlers' Association), Sir Douglas Maclean (President), and the writer. Somes Island is in the distance. Figures 146 and 147 were photographed by Mr. E. T. Robson by courtesy Sir Douglas Maclean Fig. 157.—Te Aro Flat, 1843 (approx.). Taken from Captain Sharp's residence (site of Sir Robert Stout's house, 238 Wellington Terrace). The Maori Chapel at Te Aro Pa and other buildings are seen in the distance. Messrs. Strang's and Stoke's houses, mentioned by Mr. Brees, owned (1928) by Sir Douglas Maclean, are on the extreme right Fig. 175.—Woolcombe Street (Wellington Terrace) 1880. Showing Dr. D. Stout's residence, Ghuznee Street corner and Mrs. Grady's house (on the hill) to the left, Hunter's paddock, and Sir Douglas Maclean's property, above which is Denton's and Councillor W. H. Bennett's on the right Fig. 176.—Woolcombe Street in the seventies corner of Ghuznee Street on the left. Sir Douglas Maclean's houses (Dalmuir Hill and St. Ruadhan) on the right. The Terrace gaol on the hill beyond and Brooklyn hills in the background Fig. 177.—The Town Residence of Sir Douglas Maclean (St. Ruadhan), taken from Dr. Stout's lawn. These are the only remaining town acres existent in Wellington in 1929. Figs. 176 and 177 by courtesy Sir Douglas Maclean Fig. 216.—The Hon. Algernon Gray Tollemache. By courtesy Sir Douglas Maclean] Fig. 312.—Sir Douglas Maclean, a cyclist of the 'Seventies, congratulating Standen, the Australian champion cyclist, 1928 Fig. 57.—Cup presented to Te Puni in 1846 by Alexander Currie, a member of the N.Z. Coy., on behalf of the English people. (Photos by E. T. Robson). Figs. 54 to 57 by courtesy Sir Douglas Maclean Fig. 57A.—Reading from left to right: Edward Wakefield (M.P.), R. D. D. Maclean (Sir Douglas), and Oliver Wakefield Fig. 57b.—Footballers of the Seventies. Some of the members of the Wellington Football Team who played at Nelson, in the second match. Wellington v. Nelson, 1870. The names, as submitted from memory by the late Sir Douglas Maclean (one of the players) are:—Standing: Maclean, Gore, Kemp, ——, R. W. Kane (extreme right). Those sitting are: H. Lyon, McIntosh or Park, Hudson Williamson or Bishop. Other players at the time were: Cockburn-Hood, Monro, James, Riddiford, Arthur and Isherwood Fig. 74.—Looking towards Mount Victoria, from the old Market Reserve. Stewart's timber yards in the foreground; Marjoribanks Street up the hill to the left. Fullers' and the King's to the right foreground. De Luxe Theatre on the site of Mr. Alan Anderson's store, at the foot of Marjoribanks Street. (Figs. 73 and 74 by courtesy Sir Douglas Maclean.) Sir Douglas Maclean. — Photo by S. P. Andrew Sir R. D. Douglas Maclean. only Son of Sir Donald Maclean — Born 1852. died 1929


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