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Sydney Parkinson

Artist. Sailed with Cook's first expedition, 1768-1771.

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Dendrobium cunninghamii Lindl. (Epidendrum pendulum Sol. ined.) Mscr. p. 1349, typescript p. 167. Engraved from an original unpublished drawing by Sydney Parkinson. By permission of the Director, Dominion Museum Fig. 2.—From one of Sydney Parkinson' drawings. one of the earliest known and incomplete patterns Fig. 3.— Specimen drawn by Sydney Parkinson. One of the earliest known patterns Fig. 4.— Head of a Chief from one of Sydney Parkinson's drawings Plate 1 Entelea arborescens R. Br. (whau) Sydney Parkinson Plate 2 Elaeocarpus dentatus (J. R. et G. Forst.) Vahl. (hinau) Sydney Parkinson Plate 3 Calystegia tuguriorum (Forst. f.) R. Br. ex Hook. f. (bindweed) Sydney Parkinson Plate 4 Muehlenbeckia complexa (A. Cunn.) Meissn. (tororaro or pohuehue) Engraving from Parkinson's painting Plate 5 Selliera radkans Cav. Engraving from Parkinson's painting plate 6 Geranium microphyllum Hook. f. Engraving from Parkinson's painting Plate 7 Carmichaelia aligera Simpson, (broom) Engraving from Parkinson's painting

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