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[British Official Photograph. — The “Albion” ashore off Gaba Tepe. — The “Cornwallis” is towing her off Map of Cape Helles Sector. — This map shows the route taken by the New Zealand Infantry Brigade on May 6–7. — On April 25, a landing at “Y2” or Gully Beach was not attempted. The troops that landed at “Y” Beach were consequently isolated and eventually withdrawn. The landing at “X” Beach was very successful and is some times spoken of as the “Implacable Landing.” “W” Beach, afterwards called “Lancashire Landing,” and “V” Beach, made famous by the “River Clyde,” were the two most costly landings…


For several reasons, including lack of resource and inherent ambiguity, not all names in the NZETC are marked-up. This means that finding all references to a topic often involves searching. Search for Cornwallis as: "Cornwallis". Additional references are often found by searching for just the main name of the topic (the surname in the case of people).

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