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Fig. 54. Branched hooks. — a, b, Maori, after Fairchild (37a); c, Niue, after Beasley (10, pl. 50); d, long-shanked hook, after Hamilton (46a, fig. 23) Figure 266.—Types of poncho (tiputa). a, Tahiti: slit neck, plain sides and lower borders; yellow cloth with red fern leaves. b, Mangaia: slit neck, plain sides and lower borders; painted design. c, Atiu: circular serrated neck; plain sides and lower borders, breadfruit bast without design. d, Mangaia: circular serrated neck; serrated sides and lower borders; perforated triangular and lozenge motifs. e, Mangaia: circular serrated neck; serrated sides and fringed lower border; perforated motifs.… Figure 269.—Distribution of haft types, with literature citations. References for Polynesia are as: 1, toe haft: New Zealand (6, pp. 383, 393); Hawaii (11, pl. 60); Marquesas (47, pl. 48, A); Tuamotu (Emory ms.); Easter Island (Bishop Mus. Hafts); Manihiki-Rakahanga (75, pp. 144, 145); Tongareva (74, p. 180) Niue (48, pl. 8, A); Samoa alternate form (73, p. 362); Austral Islands alternate form (1, pp. 158, 159). 2, medium haft: Samoa (73, pp. 360, 361); Tonga (Bishop Mus. Coll.); Pukapuka (3, p… Figure 272.—Polynesian bailers. a, common form with median free handle, used in Tuamotu, Marquesas, Samoa. b, handle end attached to bottom, Niue, Ellice Islands. c, unilateral attachment of handle, sporadic in New Zealand and other regions. d, bilateral connection of handle to sides, Tahiti (British Mus., Tah. 6): length, 435 mm.; outside width, 135 mm.; depth, 110 mm.; width of cross connection, 40 mm. e, Cook Islands form, Mauke (fig. 135, d-f). f, specialized New Zealand form of a


For several reasons, including lack of resource and inherent ambiguity, not all names in the NZETC are marked-up. This means that finding all references to a topic often involves searching. Search for Niue as: "Niue". Additional references are often found by searching for just the main name of the topic (the surname in the case of people).

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