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Hauraki Gulf

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A Fairmile submarine-chaser in the Hauraki Gulf A German mine adrift in the Hauraki Gulf Black and white map of sea route HMNZS Breeze, minesweeper, in the Hauraki Gulf The explosion of a depth-charge dropped by a destroyer in the Hauraki Gulf This reproduction of the Orion's chart of her course across the approaches to the Hauraki Gulf shows also the position of ships sighted while her minelaying was in progress. The numbers added in black give a key to translations of the notes on the map(1)Vessel in sight(2)Steamer in sight(3)Steamer in sight(4)Position of sinking of Niagara(5)Steamer in sight(6)Moko Hinau light(7)Blacked-out vessel(8)Vessel(9)Moon bearing at 2100 hours The main heading at the bottom of the map states that it is t…


For several reasons, including lack of resource and inherent ambiguity, not all names in the NZETC are marked-up. This means that finding all references to a topic often involves searching. Search for Hauraki Gulf as: "Hauraki Gulf". Additional references are often found by searching for just the main name of the topic (the surname in the case of people).

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