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Te Rangihaeata

Ngati Toa leader, warrior


Spouses: Te Rongo

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Drawn by A. H. Messenger, from a water-colour sketch by Lieutenant G. H. Page (58th Regt.), 1846] — The Attack on Rangihaeata's Position, Horokiri Examples of Maori art, from Angas. Top—Carved box, and head of a carved wooden spear. Left—'Raised stand for supporting tapued articles consecrated to the dead.' Centre—Image of Rangihaeata. Right—Canoe stern-post. Below—Box Fig. 85.—Te Rangihaeata, Chief of Ngati-Toa. Illustrating mode of wearing cloaks From a drawing by Charles Heaphy, about 1840] — Te Rangihaeata — (“The Dawn of Day.”) From a Drawing by K. L. Sutherland. — TE RANGIHAEATA Ground-plan of Rangihaeata's Pa — At the head of Paua-taha-nui Inlet, 1846 Photos by F. G. Layton, 1920] — The Rear of Rangihaeata's Position, Horokiri, 1846 Rangihaeata's meeting house on Mana Island, drawn by G. F. Angas. Note the carvings of door and window, the carved figures supporting the gable boards, and the painted designs on the inside of the porch roof Rangi-Topeora, often called “the Queen of the South,” a famous Ngati-Toa chieftainess and composer of chants. She was a niece of Te Rauparaha and sister of Te Rangihaeata. She took part with her tribe in the great migration from Kawhia to Cook Strait, and lived for many years on Kapiti Island and afterwards at Otaki. — [From a painting by G. Lindauer Summit of the Ridge, Horokiri, held by Rangihaeata, 1846 Te Rangihaeata The English Church at Paua-taha-nui — On the site of Rangihaeata's fortification The Site of Rangihaeata's Entrenchment, Horokiri Ridge


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