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Horatio Gordon Robley
28 June 184012 June 1930

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After the Battle A position in the war dance. — By General Robley of London A well carved face. By Major General G. Robley Badly wounded Maoris in the abandoned defences at Gate Pa, Tauranga. — Drawn by Robley on the morning of of April 30, 1864 Black and white portrait of H. G. Robley Fig. 96. Tattooing patterns. — a, full pattern; b, chin; c, forehead, middle; d, front of ear; e, woman, chin. a, after Hamilton; b-d, after Robley From a drawing by Major-General Gordon Robley, in “Illustrated London News.”] — Matata Pa after its Capture by the Arawa, 1865 From a sketch by Major-General Gordon Robley, 1864] — Surrender of the Ngai-te-Rangi Tribe From sketches and plan by Lieutenant G. Robley, 68th Regt.] — The Gate Pa, Tauranga H. G. Robley's 'Moko' (1896 includes these sketches of a Maori and the prow of a war canoe. The author comments on the fine carving of the prow. The spiral of the Maori's tattoo should be compared with the design of the carving Lieut. H.G. Robley and Raniera te Hiahia — Ramsden Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library Lieutenant-Colonel Horatio Gordon Robley, Officer-in-Command of the 91st Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, reviewing the troops; Colombo, Ceylon, 1886. — Victoria University of Wellington Library Fildes 1507/2 Lieutenant Horatio Gordon Robley (68th Durham Light Infantry) with Raniera te Hia hia, Field Guide to the Imperial Forces at Tauranga, 1864. — Ramsden Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library Major-General Horatio Gordon Robley, 1st — Battalion, Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders Surrender of Arms by the Natives to Colonel Greer after the engagement at Te Ranga on June 21st, 1861. From — a sketch by Major-General Robley Tattooed Maori, showing curvilinear designs peculiar to New Zealand Drawn by General G. Robley in 1865 Tattooing of women. — Major General Robley This sketch of a Maori woman's tattooing is taken from H. G. Robley's 'Moko' (1896). Compare this characteristic tattooing of a Maori woman's lips with the more elaborate tattooing of the Maori man's face and body Typical drawing of Moko with detail analysed. — Black and white. Size 11⅛″ × 8⅓″. — H. G. Robley


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