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Poverty Bay

Also known as: Teoneroa.

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A Poverty Bay group of Maoris clad in a wide variety of garment. Back: Paul Amohau (huru-kuri or dog's hair), Haare Hone, Tute Nihoniho—well-known Ngati-Porou cheif, Matenga Taihuka—Povery Bay cheif, Hati Poutu. Front: Charles Ferris, Tom Porter (Kiwi), R. T. Kohere (korowai), Paratene Tatae, Hatea (paaki or rain-cape) Black and white map showing the regions between Bay of Plenty, Poverty Bay and Hawke's Bay Locale of incidents during Captain Cook's visit to Poverty Bay, 1769. — W. L. Williams, Trans. N.Z. Institute, Vol. XXI Page from Captain Cook's Diary, showing alteration from “Endeavour Bay” to “Poverty Bay.” — By courtesy of Mitchell Library, Sydney Plate XIV. View of the North Side of the Entrance into Poverty Bay, & Morai Island, in New Zealand. 1. Young Nick's Head. 2. Morai Island


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