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Rewi Manga Maniapoto

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From a photo by Pulman, Auckland, 1883] — Rewi Maniapoto (Manga) (Died 1894) Led on by Rewi Manga the fearless Manga Maniapoto Photo by J. Cowan, at Te Rewatu, 1920] — Te Huia Raureti Rewi REWI, THE WAIKATO LEADER Rewi Maniapoto Rewi Maniapoto (Manga). — From a photo in 1883. Rewi died in 1894. (See pages 99–110—“The — Defenders of Orakau.”) Rewi Maniapoto (Manga) — Rewi was the principal chief in the defence of Orakau. From. the first, — ever, he was opposed to building the pa in such an exposed position, — he regarded the defence as hopeless. He died in 1894 and was buried at — kihi. This picture is from a photo by Pulman, of Auckland, about 1883 Rewi ManiapotoFrom a Portrait in possession of the Hon. Seymour Thorne-George, Auckland Winitana Tupotahi


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