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University of Otago

Also known as: Otago University.

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Figure 244.—Carved hafts, class 1. a, K figures in repeated pairs, horizontal to long axis of panels (Wesleyan Univ., Middletown, Conn., 374). b, shaft trimmed to eight longitudinal surfaces of equal width, but notched transversely into panels; double K figure on each surface, vertical to long axis of panel (Auckland Mus., N. Z.). c, round shaft without panels and with continuous lozenge pattern covering whole surface (Otago University Mus., N. Z., D.093) Figure 246.—Ceremonial adzes, class 3, with pedestals, vary in height; b is 17 inches high, g38 inches high. a, round shaft (1) completely carved with continuous lozenge pattern; round pedestal (2) with upper edge carved in rectangular projections with horizontal double K-motif (3); perforated with square holes surrounded by horizontal and vertical panels of horizontal double K-motif (4); rest of pedestal carved with horizontal rows of fused K's repeated (5): leg knobs with horizontal double K … Figure 259.—Tahitian pounders found in Cook Islands: a, Atiu (Otago University Mus., D.34, 399). b, Rarotonga, owned by Makea Ariki. c; Mauke (Otago University Mus., D.34, 559). d, head of type c. Measurements in millimeters. Dimensions Height Head Width Neck Base Weight (oz.) a 155 83 42 119 53 b 142 124 46 141 c 165 97 50 138 77.25 Figure 66.—Pearl-shell breast ornaments from Aitutaki and Mauke. a, Aitutaki: single pearl shell (1) pierced with four holes along upper hinge margin for attachment of coil (2) of 32 strands of two-ply cord of bast fiber dyed brown; at ends of coil folds, a thicker two-ply cord (3) of undyed bast (hibiscus?) is tied for suspension around neck (Auckland Mus., 14488). b, Mauke: part of shell (1) is crescentic in form with upper concave edge; holes bored at each upper corner for attachment of sing… Figure 7.—Cook Islands basaltic pounders: a, simple concave head (Auckland Mus. 12868); b, c, simple convex head, Atiu (Bishop Mus. C2773); d, e, three-ridged head, smooth curve back and front (Bishop Mus., C2287); f, three-ridged head with concave crescentic edge (1) extending from lateral ridges (Auckland Mus. 12279); g, h, three-ridged head with straight edge (1) lower down (Bishop Mus., 6531); i, j, three-ridged head greatly projected upward from defining edge (1) (Bishop Mus., 6532); k, th… Figure 8.—Cook Islands basaltic pounders, small bulbous type: a, head with convex curve (Bishop Mus., 6533); b, head with concave curve, Rarotonga (Otago University Mus., D.27.50); c, three-ridged head, Aitutaki (Otago University Mus., D.33.2062); d, unique with four projections, Rarotonga (Otago University Mus., D.35.352); e, three-ridged head, one lateral ridge broken, made of stalagmite, Aitutaki (Auckland Mus., 10713). Dimensions in millimeters: Height Head Neck Base Weight (oz.) a 122 42 3…


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