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Medical Corps

[From the col'ection of Sergt. C. B. Gibbs, N.Z.A.O.D. Badges of Infantry Regiments That Served at Samoa and Gallipoli. — 1st Canterbury Regiment. — 6th Hauraki Regiment. — 11th Taranaki Riffes Regiment. — 16the Waikato Regiment.2nd South Canterbury Regiment. — 7th Wellington West Coast Regiment — 12th Nelson Regiment. — 17th Ruahine Regiment.3rd Auckland Regiment. — 8th Southland Regiment. — 13th North Canterbury and Westland Regiment. — N.Z. Maori Contingent.4th Otago Regiment. — 9th Hawkes B… Armistice Day, May 24, 1915. — These two pictures were taken by Brig.-General Ryan, of the Australian Medical Corps. The top one shows the Turkish Staff Officer who brought in the flag of truce. While going through our lines he was blindfolded, according to custom, and escorted by a British Staff Officer. — The bottom picture shows the burying parties at work in No Man's Land Brig H.S. Kenrick, Medical Corps (August 1943)


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