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Vella Lavella

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14 Brigade units landing at Vella Lavella from American barges manned by American Crews 35 NZ Anti-tank Battery at Maravari, Vella Lavella Above: A gun crew of the 29th Light Anti-aircraft Regiment on Nissan Island. Right: Memorial to men of 209 Light Anti-aircraft Battery who were killed on Vella Lavella. First AA gun ashore, Pokonian, Nissan Island Above: A ration dump at Tambama during operations on Vella Lavella. — Left: Men of the battalion clusion of the action. — Below: A Japanese barge photographed at the con-captured during operations and named 'Confident' is anchored off Maravari Americans and New Zealanders lie side by side in this cemetery at Maravari on Vella Lavella. Natives built the chapel and the gate as a memorial to the fallen A native outrigger canoe used for carrying supplies and bringing out wounded, Vella Lavella A patrol in the jungle at Warambari, on Vella Lavella. Through such country as this the men had to make their way and carry supplies Artillery units were active on Vella Lavella A view of the two Joroveto River bridges on Vella Lavella before a flood removed the low-lying one. Sappers working comfortably in the water on the Halis jetty, Nissan Captain Peter Blundell, who was awarded the MC for work on Vella Lavella. Afterwards killed in Italy Captain R. P. Tuckey (middle, front row) and RAP staff, Vella Lavella Chapel built by islanders at the Allied Military Cemetery, Maravari, Vella Lavella CHRISTMAS, 1943, in the SolomonsVella LavellaThe Revs. D. L. Francis, G. R. Thompson, and A. H. Voyce tookthis service Dedication Service, Maravari, led by Rt. Rev. Bishop G. V. GerardVella Lavella During operations on Vella Lavella the 37th Battalion took the right flank of the pincer movement. Its movements are indicated by the light arrows beginning at Maravari Embarking on a Landing Craft(Infantry) at Juno beach, Vella Lavella, for NIssan Island Equipment and men of the 53rd Anti-tank Battery at Matusnroto on Vella Lavella, where the heavy jungle made movement difficult. Below: Digging out a bogged jeep on a road in the early days of the Treasury show Guns and supplies crowd a landing craft which is on its way to Matusuroto on 26th September, 1943. Artillery supplies were ferried round the coast of Vella Lavella — Major L. J. Fahey, commander of 12 Battery, 17th Field Regiment observing from a native canoe off Vella Lavella. — Officers of headquarters 17th Field Regiment in the jungle on Nissan Island Heading for the shore of Vella Lavella. Kolombangara Island in the background Jungle road after rain, Vella Lavella Lieutenant O. Nicholls, killed in action Vella Lavella Loading rations at Gudalcanal for Vella Lavella Men in the jungle on Vella Lavella vesting after an arduous patrol. Packs of cards were the easiest games to carry. Waiting on the beach to embark for Nissan Island Men of the 37th Battalion probed through the jungle on the right flank during the action on Vella Lavella. Above are some of the guerillas with a Japanese flag. On the right is a picture of mortars in action. Below that Captain R. A. Stokes is shown with some of those who captured the Japanese barge At the foot of the page is Lieutenant D. J. Law with a patrol On Vella Lavella A signalller Operating in an abandoned Japanese Camp, Timbala Bay area Part of the divisional artillery camp on Guadalcanal where units were spaced out over ridges high above the sea. Below: Guns of the 17th Field Regiment being dragged ashore from landing craft on Vella Lavella. This was exhausting work RAP and patients arrive at Timbala Bay, Vella Lavella Ready for Embarkation at Kukum Beach, Guadalcanal before sailing for Vella Lavella. In the background is a Landing Ship(Tank) Solid Mahogany Planks cover a bridge decked with coconut logs over Joroveto River, Vella Lavella. This was the work of 20 field Company New Zealand Engineers The heavily woode island of Vella Lavella, scene of 3 division's first action in the Solomons. Flat-bottomed landing craft carried units of 14 Brigade from bay to bay round the coast The regimental aid post for the battalion is pictured above and gives an excellent idea of how all temporary habitation merged into the jungle. Below, is a view of the jetty at Boro where the battalion established a beach-head during operations on Vella Lavella The Uzama River bridge, another of the 20th Field Company's undertakings on Vella Lavella, was_all all-coconut palm log affair The 23rd Field Company also used the useful coconut palm in order to span the Saveke River, on Mono Island, with a sturdy bridge This deserted native hut among the palms became the quartermaster's store at Boro, on Vella Lavella. Below, is a scene in Tangalan Plantation, Nissan Island, on the day of the landing This Map shows 3 NZ Division's long lines of communication in the Solomons and the dates on which units of the Division landed on Guadalcanal, Vella Lavella, Mono and Nissan Thousands of tons of creamy coral sand were taken from this pit at Torahatup), Nissan Island, for surfacing the roads. Continual traffic and rain combined to turn jungle roads into muddy drains, as shown in the lower picture of Lieutenant-Colonel J. Brooke-White on Vella Lavella VELLA LAVELLA — 22 Field Ambulance and 1 FSU were established at Gill's Plantation Wounded men being evacuated by landing craft, Pakoi Bay, Vella Lavella


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