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14 Brigade Group Landing, Point Cruz, Guadalcanal A view of the Casualty Clearing Station wards on Guadalcanal A ward in 2 NZ CCS, Guadalcanal, November 1943 Below Deck on the way from New Hebrides to Guadalcanal Headquarters Section of the Mobile Dental Section embarks for Guadalcanal Henderson Field, Guadalcanal Landing craft(Infantry) of the invasion convoy at Guadalcanal loading for the attack on Treasury Islands LOOKING EAST FROM ESPERANCE RADAR STATION TOWARDS KOKUMBONA AND LUNGA, Guadalcanal Malaria Control Unit spraying 37 NZ Field Park Company's Camp, Guadalcanal Malaria Control Unit spraying pools, Guadalcanal, 1944 Met. officer receiving reports from No. 3 Squadron crew, Guadalcanal, July 1943 Midnight Mass in RNZAF Chapel, Christmas 1944, celebrated by Rev. Father P. BattersbyGuadalcanal No. 1 Squadron Venturas in revetments at Henderson Field, Guadalcanal, November 1943 Officers' mess, Fiji commandos, Teneru, Guadalcanal (from left to right) Lt F. G. K. Gilchrist, Capt D. E. Williams, 2 Lt P. E. Holmes, Major C. W. H. Tripp, 2 Lt L. R. Taylor Officers of 2 NZ CCS, Guadalcanal Outside the operations hut, Henderson Field, Guadalcanal, July 1943 Ready for Embarkation at Kukum Beach, Guadalcanal before sailing for Vella Lavella. In the background is a Landing Ship(Tank) RNZAF fighter pilot describes an action to Rev. Father W. W. Ainsworth, July 1943Guadalcanal RNZAF medical section ward at Guadalcanal Servicing Kittyhawks, Guadalcanal, July 1943 The Move to Guadalcanal. Equipment at the Nickel Docks, Noumea Area The operating theatre of 2 NZ Casualty Clearing Station at Guadalcanal, August 1943 The remains of the Japanese submarine I-1 sunk off Guadalcanal by the New Zealand corvettes Moa and Kiwi This Map shows 3 NZ Division's long lines of communication in the Solomons and the dates on which units of the Division landed on Guadalcanal, Vella Lavella, Mono and Nissan US Marines following a trail on Guadalcanal — Ridges covered with Native Grasses and Valleys filled with Jungle


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