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العلمين — El Alamein

Also known as: El Alamein.

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[untitled figure] 18 Bn at Alamein — august 1942 30 Corps' objectives—Alamein 23 October 1942 30 Corps Medical Units at noon 23 October 1942, Battle of Alamein 4 Field Ambulance dental section, Alamein 5 Brigade begins the long journey westwards after the breakthrough at Alamein, 4 November 1942 5 Field Ambulance MDS receives Alamein wounded 5 NZ Field Ambulance MDS, Alamein battle (839 casualties admitted in 24 hours, 24 October 1942) A 4.5 at Alamein Abdominal operation, Alamein, 24 October 1942 showing suction apparatus A Crusader tank passing 24 Battalion positions at Alamein Aerial mosaic, Alamein A FIELD SURGERY—two vans backed together, Alamein Alamein line—after the Stukas left A Sherman tank at Alamein Battle of Alamein: Dispositions at 23 October 1942 Battle of El Alamein—Dispositions at 23 October 1942 B Company platoon post, Alamein line Before the Battle of Alamein - Lieutenants G. Marsden, J.G.P. Aperahama, Captains J.C. Henare and W. Porter black and white map of El Alamein black and white photograph of soldiers consulting plans/maps Bomb casualty, Alamein, showing traumatic amputation Brigadier Kippenberger points out enemy positions near the Alamein line. With him is Brigadier Burrows and, on ground, Capt P. V. H. Maxwell Constructing a headquarters on the Alamein front, August 1942 Cookhouse at Burg el Arab, before Alamein Defence against the Alamein fly El Alamein El Alamein El Alamein EL ALAMEIN EL ALAMEIN EL ALAMEIN EL ALAMEIN EL ALAMEIN EL ALAMEIN El Alamein railway station: the first train to the forward area after the Alamein breakthrough arrives at the station FIELD OPERATING THEATRE, Alamein General Freyberg confers with senior officers before the Alamein offensive. Steve Weir centre General Montgomery, accompanied by Lieutenant-Colonel J. K. Robbie, inspecting the battalion before the Battle of Alamein German tanks burning on the morning of the breakthrough at Alamein Hailstones in the desert, south of Alamein In the Alamein Line, August 1942. From left: Capt Paddy Lynch, Romans, Capt Peter Norris, Capt Bill Hoseit. All were subsequently killed in action Large soft-tissue wound, 1 NZ CCS, Alamein, November 1942 map of El Alamein map of El Alamein region Messing in a signal truck near Burg el Arab before Alamein Mr Churchill meets Sgt Alan Sperry during his visit to 2 NZ Divison at El Alamein, August 1942 New Zealand positions bombed by Stukas — pre-Alamein period Officers of 21 Battalion on 21 October 1942 hear the plan for the Battle of Alamein Parade at Alamein for General Montgomery Plan of evacuation for Battle of Alamein, 23 October 1942 Pre-Alamein battles: Medical Units and Lines of Evacuation Regimental Aid Post, Alamein Sandstorm at El Alamein Sites of 1 NZ CCS and Base Hospitals for advance Alamein to Tunis (with inset map for Campaign in Libya, 1941) Sites of 1 NZ CCS and Base Hospitals for Advance from Alamein to Tunis, October 1942 – May 1943 (with inset map for Campaign in Libya, 1941) Stuka pilot shot down at Alamein THE ALAMEIN AIR OFFENSIVE, 1942 The barrage at Alamein, 23 October 1942 The breakthrough at Alamein The first train to go forward after the November 1942 breakthrough arrives at El Alamein station Watching the Alamein barrage by moonlight Wheel tracks, Alamein Wheel tracks, Alamein Wheel tracks, El Alamein Wheel tracks in the desert at Alamein Wounded at 5 MDS, Alamein, 24 October 1942


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