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Dominion Museum

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Alexander Mackay (1833-1909). Dominion Museum Fig. 17.—Ancient outrigger canoe (in Dominion Museum) Fig. 57.—A pu tatara, or shell trumpet (Dominion Museum) Poverty Bay Canoe Anchor in Dominion Museum. — J. T. Salmon, Photo Sir James Hector (1834-1907). Dominion Museum Specimen of Native Broom Collected by Banks and Solander — This specimen, now in the Dominion Museum, shows part of the original mount of heavy paper (the darker portion at edge) and the original British Museum label (right). This label states that the specimen was laid (mounted) in 1833 and gives the name now used, Carmichaelia australis (R. Brown, 1825), as well as, very faintly, Banks' and Solander's name, Genista compressa. The label on the left, written by Thomas Kirk in New Zealand, gives…


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